Simple philosophy

We do Three things.  But first let’s talk impact.

Growth, Alignment, Motivation & Empowerment – buzzwords?  So here is some context…..  what is important to you?

Is it Growth? In market share, margin performance (profitability through simplifying internal process), value proposition (get your price right and if your price is right do not negotiate on value)?  Growing teams?

Perhaps it’s clarity on your vision, your mission and then engagement from the teams,  what their mission needs to be and how they will achieve this. Alignment, one team one goal?

Passion for achievement?  Motivation?  Individuals at every level,  talking about their energy and love for the job.  About what they make happen and the value they feel their company sees in them.

Empowerment.  Do you hire bright people?  Does it matter how you engage, develop & empower them.  Your first goal as a leader should be to do less of your current job and start making opportunities outside your current role come to light.  Who will step up to the plate?

How do we influence this?


Imagine inspiration, engagement, alignment and commitment.  Any journey worth embarking on will push and stretch the talent and abilities of those on it.  And if it doesn’t you need to ask really, how bold is our vision.  This is not just a “planning workshop”, plans don’t excite people.  This is about making peoples palms sweat.  Creating direction with a willingness to do whatever it takes to get there.



Imagine the competencies and behaviours you  need not for today but rather what you will need to be the company you want to be in 3 to 5 years time.  Development/ assessment centres with peer, external and senior feedback, a series of management development workshops  and coaching all linked to your companies mission.



Imagine sales training development backed with espresso- sessions and immediate delivery of action on the floor.  Imagine customer service coming naturally to your teams whilst building a fun and competitive environment.  Imagine a culture where it’s  cool to be brave and the brave step outside their comfort zone. Imagine everyone in your company aware of the impact of their decisions and actions.  Imagine your employees wanting to dance to work.


ALL workshops are based on experience working with top leadership and sales consultants across premier recruitment, service, retail and manufacturing brands.  Both in developing their success and supporting them through their biggest failures.  Blend this with listening to your teams, your language, your beliefs (good or bad) and what you want to achieve.

You see people learn and act, people adapt behaviours and are willing to take personal risks not because the training is right or well structured or even because it is followed up and policed. 

People do it because it is relevant to them and it pricks a particular passion in them to want to excel.

People do it Because ok is not ok.